Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA)

SfAA 2019: Pursuing Ethnic Understanding and Reconciliation


A paper I co-authored with Dr. Carolina Severiche has been accepted to the SfAA 2019 Conference in Portland, Oregon. The session we are part of is titled Pursuing Ethnic Understanding and Reconciliation. SfAA 2019 Session Participants CHAIR: BOTICA, Jennifer (Kleanza Consulting Ltd) ROKHIDEH, Maryam (U Notre Dame) Creating Certainty out of Uncertainty through Cross-Border Trade on the Congo-Rwanda Border BOTICA, [...]

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Where to Look for Applied Anthropology Jobs


If you are looking for an applied anthropology job, the task of finding one can often seem daunting. When looking at the large job boards, you will rarely find the word anthropologist in the job title. If you are lucky, the word ethnography will be included in the job description, but that is not always [...]

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Consulting Podcasting at Society for Applied Anthropology


At this year's Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) annual meeting in Philadelphia, Adam Gamwell and myself will be representing This Anthro Life as we present on consulting podcasting. We are part of the New Methods, Interventions and Approaches panel, and our paper is titled Consulting Podcasters: Prototyping a Democratic Tool for Multiple Voices, Storytelling and Solution Finding. [...]

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Anthropology Associations for Design Anthropologists


For new practitioners of design anthropology, networking and mentorship is key to developing as a design anthropologist looking to apply ethnographic methods to solve design and business challenges. If you fit into that bucket, considering joining the following anthropology associations, and going to the yearly conferences. By participating in these communities, your knowledge of ethnographic theory and methods will help [...]

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