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Business Anthropology Master’s Degree Programs


For students interested in a business anthropology master's degree programs, check out the following programs in the United States: University of North Texas - Department of Anthropology UNT offers an MA/MS in Applied Anthropology degree, both online and offline. It is where I studied and can attest to the quality of the program.  The program [...]

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UNT Anthropology Courses


As previously discussed, I had enrolled in the UNT Anthropology master's program because I work in tech, and likewise was interested in the business, technology, and design anthropology concentration UNT offered. At UNT, the business, technology, and design anthropology concentration is led by Susan Squires and Christina Wasson. Both of them have extensive experience working in industry and have published numerous [...]

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UNT Anthropology Master’s Program


Picking the right anthropology masters program is important. Ideally, you should pick one based on the professors you wish to work with and/or the concentrations they offer.  I was interested in business, technology, and design anthropology, and likewise, I selected the University of North Texas (UNT) anthropology MS program because they offered a concentration in [...]

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Must-Read Design Anthropology Articles


Design anthropology is a form of applied anthropology that grew out of cultural anthropology.  It involves the collaboration between anthropologists, designers, and often other stakeholders. It is a young practice only stretching back to the 1980s. However, despite its relatively short history, it is incredibly forward-looking. But because it is so young, new practitioners often are left looking [...]

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Design Anthropology Books


"Design anthropology describes the practices of anthropologists who collaborate with designers and team members from other disciplines in order to develop new product ideas" (Wasson 2000). The Value of Ethnographic Research "The primary contribution of the anthropologists lies in the ethnographic research they conduct with users, or potential users, of the product being envisioned, in order [...]

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