Business Anthropology Master’s Degree Programs

For students interested in a business anthropology master’s degree programs, check out the following programs in the United States:

University of North Texas – Department of Anthropology

UNT offers an MA/MS in Applied Anthropology degree, both online and offline. It is where I studied and can attest to the quality of the program.  The program offers concentrations in Business, Technology, & Design Anthropology.

The description for the concentration is as follows:

Christina Wasson, and Susan Squires specialize in this area. It includes the areas of organizational analysis and change, teams, user-centered design, marketing, communication in the workplace, human-computer interaction, consumer behavior, diversity and globalization. We work with both the private sector and the not-for-profit sector. The Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex offers opportunities for partnerships with a wide variety of organizations.

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Wayne State University – Department of Anthropology

Wayne state offers an MA with a concentration in Business Anthropology.

While I can’t personally attest to the strength of the program, there are some very well regarded faculty in the program, such as Allen Batteau.

The description for the concentration is as follows:

Wayne State University’s anthropology department is home to the oldest business and organizational anthropology program in the US and is the only institution offering both MA and Ph.D. degrees in anthropology with a specialization in business and organizational anthropology. Detroit’s large industrial base and its revitalization movement with numerous innovative entrepreneurial activities as well as grassroots initiatives make WSU’s business and organizational anthropology program an exciting place to explore and pursue an increasingly demanding field of expertise in the globalization era.

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